Words that each Italian football fan should know

Football is the sport watched by the largest number of fans in the world. It is far ahead of areas such as basketball and American football. The skills of the best players go far beyond the capabilities of the average people, which is why they are so impressive. One of the most watched leagues is the Italian Serie A. Any fan of Italian football should know some terms that will help him understand the game better.

Italian job

Football fans know what it’s like to play in Italy. It is a long and calm play of the ball with tight defense of your penalty area. In this way, the Italian teams are trying to lull the opposing team’s vigilance to perform a coherent action at the right moment, ending with a hit on the goal by an effective striker. While the game in Italy has evolved considerably, these are still distinctive features.

Italian glossary

Italian is one of the best-sounding languages ​​in the world. Being in this country, you can enjoy the sounds spoken by local residents. This makes watching Italian football even more interesting and enjoyable. It is worth knowing a few phrases that can greatly facilitate communication with Italian friends.

Teams and footballers

It’s good to know that football is Calcio in Italian. This word can be found in the names of many football clubs. A soccer ball is called a Pallone and to kick is called a calciare.

Football is played on the pitch, which is Campo da Calcio, and the players are called Calciatore. The home team is la squadra ospitante and the away team is la squadra ospite.

Access to the goal of each team is guarded by goalkeepers, i.e. the porter, and the defender, i.e. difensore, protects against getting into the penalty area. One of the best ataccante of all time was Del Pierro, and speaking of the charismatic allenetore, Massimo Allegri cannot be ignored.


Football matches take place at football stadiums, i.e. La Stadio. This is where fans can watch the game and cheer for their favorite team. Speaking of fans, we mean tifos, and what they do in the stadiums is tifare per … (e.b. Tifare per Juventus). The presence of fans in the stadiums can be noticed by the fact that they create a real atmosphere and an amazing setting for football spectacles.

On the pitch, you can see two la porta and la linea di porta and la linea di fondo. Thanks to them, the catches and goals of individual teams are marked. The fans can watch the game against la tribuna.

Course of the match

During each match, you can watch the calciatore swap servires with each other. This allows you to construct an action that will end in how many goals. Sometimes it is necessary to commettere falli to stop a rushing opponent. This way, the player can become ammonito, or in the worst case, espulso.

During the game, segnatura is scored on the goal to score how many goals. They are often tiro fuori and the ball misses the goal. Tiro al volo gives you the opportunity to score a beautiful goal that will be remembered for a very long time. When no goal is scored, the supplementari tempo is very often reached, and if it does not allow the winner to be selected, it is Calcio di Rigore. This is one of the most exciting moments of the game, especially when it takes place in the nel final la coppa campioni. Winning la coppa gives fans a lot of fun and the team can write another success in their history. In this way, you build clubs that will be remembered for the next long decades.

Many fans visit scommesse sportive betting on the results of their teams’ matches. Thus, everyone dreams of a high win to significantly increase their fortune.

Italian football can be very emotional, especially for the fans. Thanks to well-thought-out actions, you can admire the beauty of this sport. The more that the quality of Italian players is very high, and their skills are one of the best. If you know a few basic phrases, you can get to know the game much better and talk about one of the best football leagues with your Italian friends. It will surely impress them!